What we stand for

Taxi Enkhuizen means 100% service for companies and health insurers. Together with our colleagues in Amsterdam, we provide made-to-measure passenger transport throughout the country. Particularly from and to Schiphol our vehicles are running on a daily basis.

Taxi Enkhuizen is called in by various major companies within and outside Enkhuizen for corporate transport services. The largest health insurer in Noord-Holland (Univé) also relies on us for transport of sitting patients.


Taxi Enkhuizen means:

- A taxi company with the TX Quality Mark.
- A clear vision on comfortable personal corporate transport.
- Within five minutes you will be picked up at the Schiphol STA desk and on your way to your destination.
- A company qualified for transport of sitting patients.

General conditions for Taxi Transport:

All our services are subject to the general conditions for payment and delivery of "KNV Taxivervoer" deposited at the District Court of The Hague.

A ride in a different world; what can you expect when you ride with Taxi Enkhuizen?

- A power inverter to plug in your laptop.
- A mobile payment terminal where you can pay by bank or credit card.
- A navigation system with traffic updates ensuring that the quickest route is taken.
- A calibrated taximeter integrated in the rear-view mirror that also prints a VAT receipt.
- A cruise control system for gentle driving behaviour that automatically
  slows the vehicle down when it comes too close to the one in front.
- Climate control for a pleasant temperature.
- A driver who speaks Dutch and English and who has a first aid certificate.
- And from October to April the cars are running on winter tyres.

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