Health, Safety and Environment

A long working day, meetings that overrun, jet lag, a bad headache, 12 hours of hard work.  For many CEOs, managers and engineers these are familiar situations which they have to deal with but after a long day’s work, they still get in the car and drive home. Sometimes they sit behind the wheel for half an hour but often it is longer, where also the telephone rings and various conversations are carried out, maybe even taking a look at the papers lying next to them on the passenger’s seat. 

Just a moment of inattention is all it takes then, before you know it, the driver has collided with an on-coming vehicle. Often it is only material damage but physical injury is becoming more common despite the fact that (lease) cars are becoming even safer. 

Large multi-nationals, such as oil and seed companies, are well aware of the safety risks when travelling. Their personnel, following arrival at Schiphol after a long flight, are not allowed to drive themselves but are compelled or strongly advised to take a taxi.  

We at Taxi Enkhuizen ensure that these employees are brought home or taken to the office in a safe and responsible manner.   

Our chauffeurs:

  • are not allowed to drive for more than 9 hours a day.

  • have a normal rest period of at least 11 hours a day. 

  • take a 30 minute break after 5.5 hours of work. 

  • have a First Aid certificate.

  • can perform resuscitation, if necessary.

  • are proud to be taxi drivers and they show this. 

However, it is not only the chauffeurs who ensure your safety; the car in which you are being driven is also extremely important. 

All our cars: 

  • have their summer tyres exchanged for winter tyres in early autumn. 

  • are installed with handsfree telephones. 

  • are comfortably furnished and include climate control. 

  • have a no-smoking policy so always smell fresh.

  • are always serviced on time by a reputatable garage. 

  • have a First Aid kit. 

  • have an easily assessible emergency hammer to break the window in case of a calamity. 

  • are never more than 5 years old. 

  • are furnished with an anti-carjacking system and (heat-deflecting) tinted glass. 

Our chauffeurs speak fluent Dutch and English, are very representative and know what good customer service means.  You may pay by cash or electronically in the cars, but you can also pay on account. The invoice needs to be paid within 14 days. 

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